Twitch Live Notification (2020)

Twitch Live Notification 1
Twitch Live Notification 2


"It was made to solve the hassle of repetitive tasks. Now, it is one of the programs I use everyday."

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Sep 14, 2020 ~


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I had been using other program to get notified the start of the broadcast of Twitch channels I follow. On August 2020, it abruptly stopped working and was broken for more than a month.
I had to do its job by myself, which was quite tiresome to check whether they are live or not. As a result, that made me develop new browser extension to replace the broken one.


JavaScript, Webpack 4, Twitch API, Chrome API


  • To retrieve the information of the following channels using Twitch API periodically in the background script.
  • To notify the start of the broadcast of the channels through a browser notification.
  • To show the number of live channels on the extension badge.
  • To list the channel names by game on the pop-up window that appears when the badge is clicked.