Real-time Code Sharing Service (2022)

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β€œIt is a capstone project that was carried out from March 13 to June 15, on which I could use various skills that I’ve never used before.”

Team Member

a2tt, boyfromthewell, chasw0326

Service Period

N/A (internal test only)




Together-Coding is a real-time code sharing service for one-to-many coding classes. It provides a cloud & web based code editor, real-time code sharing, code execution on remote containers, and so on.
We aimed to create a service that can remedy for the shortcomings of existing collaborative code sharing services and traditional coding classes.


AWS - ECS Fargate, SQS, Lambda, VPC
Python FastAPI, Go Gin, JavaScript
Docker, TC, SSH Relay, Socket.io
etc. AWS - EventBridge, IAM, Elasticache, RDS, CloudFront, S3, ECR, EC2
iptables(NAT, mangle), NGINX, Redis, MariaDB, K6


  • To create courses and lessons, and to manage participating students.
  • To create, read, modify, and delete files like in a typical code editor.
  • To share the file and cursor changes with others in real-time.
  • To launch and allocate docker containers to the users who have entered the editor.
  • To execute code through an external container.