Community Post Ranking Bot (2018)

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"Having about 60M accumulative views, it is a time-saver for the users of a community site."

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Service Period

Dec 28, 2018 ~ Oct 11, 2023




It is an automated bot that operates on Korean famous community site, Diesel Mania of Naver Cafe. Every hour, the number of views and comments of the posts written in the last 2 hours are collected, and they are ranked on each basis. The rankings are uploaded to the site with links to the posts.
Users who don't come to the site often can also look up these posts so that they can find out recent popular ones.
Working automatically for about four years without much care, this serverless bot has become one of the most beloved novelty accounts on the community site of 1 million users.


AWS - SQS, Lambda, EventBridge, DynamoDB, API Gateway, VPC, IAM
Serverless, Telegram
Serverless OAuth Login API


  • Every hour, posts written in the last 2 hours are ranked in the order of the number of views or comments, and the rankings are uploaded to the site.
  • Every midnight and Saturday, it does the same thing with the posts written on the day and the week respectively.
  • It searches for posts containing specific keywords, calculates the rank in the order of the number of views, and uploads the ranking.
  • It allows the user to check the ranking with the keywords s/he wants using the Telegram chatbot.